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"Player1 - 01"

Saturday - December 28, 2002

Alright, I have all but given up on this thing. It will get done! Because of huge changes in my personal life, side projects, and otherwise being distracted, Player1 has been left in the dust of my computer hard drive. Buuuut, my loving boyfriend, Aaron, is helping me get through a rough spot in the script (everything's been stuck at one scene for about 5 months >..<;;; ).

Let's see, what else.. well, I'm quite sick of this host. Too many pop-ups. And there's ads on my pages *taps them*. There will probably be a major server change before the comic gets underway - one for my entire production company, Blank Thought Entertainment©. I'll host everything there; Player1, my art site, and a new "one-shot-a-week" comic I'm working on as a fun little thing to escape to easily.

The pictures and information on here are really outdated.. but I'll leave them here as little guides. Just keep in mind.. this comic is coming. Be warned.

New Generation Comics

Player1 is now a part of the newly formed New Generation Comics Network. This network's goal is to bring newbie comics into the spotlight for all to see. So, if you have a new online comic, contact Eric with your name, e-mail address, comic title and description, and he'll set you up! (And you can mention where you found the link ^_~)



Here's the next character in the line of teasers: a young boy named Row. Right now, I'm sorting through all of the Player1 characters and trying to put them together in an organized and official character page. It should be running relatively soon, but it won't be complete - if I show you all of the characters now, I'll be ruining half of the story ^^;;

But, speaking of the story, I currently have 55 1/2 comics done. (Yes, a half a comic... I got stuck part way through a good idea. ai!). Unfortunately, they're really scattered, and only about 10 of them are for the first chapter (Level as we call them here). I'm working hard, though! I've been sketching freely and looking through some manga scans which have both given me some great ideas to work with. I still think a summer start for this comic is possible. Stay tuned!



Here's a new character for you... more teasers are a-comin'
But while I'm here I think I might as well share the news.

On May 15th, my drawing folder was stolen. This folder holds all of my drawings and sketches, including many Player1 scenes and character designs, notes, etc. I haven't heard any news of the whereabouts or the condition of my folder or drawings yet, but some people somewhere might be doing something to get it back. You can read exactly what happened on my art site dark side of the moon under The Gallery, number 20; or at a page my friend Claire made using a sketch I drew that she later colored on her computer, called "You Bastard".



With some careful consideration, I've decided to give you all a peek. Here's a storyline teaser that I was planning to use as a filler later on in the Player1 comic -- not so much because I was planning to be lazy as I thought it would have a cool effect. But now that you're seeing it, when the original (or whatever verion I decide to use) pops up, you'll finally see the light. And yes, it's in wonderful glorious color!


Akira and Ronin

As I've been saying for months, Player1 is in fact coming. 'Soon' is a matter of perspective, though. I would love for the comic to be up tomorrow, but without a script, we don't have very much ^^;; So instead, I've decided to lead a tour of the world of Player1 showing characters, story teasers, blah blah blah... There's a lot, so let's get started!

First of all, our heroes: Akira and Ronin. They are the best and worst of friends (however that might work). They stick together by some unexplainable bond."Birds of a feather flock together", or at least they crash into each other and can't really shake the other one off.


Akira has the highest respect for classic video games. She is a reknowned collector, owning some of the first games ever created, pre-dating Nintendo (she is especially proud of her Mr. Game & Watch hand-held). She has also traveled the world with her uncle collecting game consoles for his now failing arcade. She now travels alone in his place due to his age. Testing games since she was young, she excels at (and loves) action, adventure, puzzle, RPG, and strategy games.

Akira is a twenty-one year old with a lot of energy. Though most the time she is relatively calm and collected -- she is usually stuck helping Ronin when he gets into trouble -- she has been known to go on bloody rampages after she is endlessly mocked by the stupid dog from DuckHunt. Not a pretty sight ^^;;

Akira is a mild-mannered, empathic individual. She's nice, pretty, lithe, and easy to relate to, even though she tends to confine herself. Her appearance does give her a deceptive edge, as she is a master business-person and negotiator; not at all passive.


Ronin is absolutely hard core. He is an outstanding gamer in almost any field; fighting games, action, first person, racing, adventure, old and new, Ronin has mastered them (not to mention refer to them in his daily life). His only weakness is games with puzzles and riddles, requiring you figure out some sort of well-thought-out strategy in order to proceed. He becomes frustrated and leaves the game alone for years (coincidentally, these are the types of games Akira loves, so she usually takes the ones he can't beat for herself ^_~ )

He's an overall nice guy with an insane and graphic sense of humor and lifestyle, but he doesn't lack sensibility... all of the time. He has a certain boundless benevolence when it comes to those close to him, especially Akira, who he can cheer up sometimes without even trying, but he has trouble meeting new people. He has a competitive and suspicious nature, fed by his undying curiosity. When he and Akira first met, they wound up in prison. Nevertheless, things turn out all right. Most of the time.

Ronin and Akira share a lot of the same opinions and quirks, spurring their great friendship. Akira is very tolerant of Ronin's violent and senseless acts that usually don't end well for either of them, thusly leading to our comic's story.

Throughout the Player1 series there will be background of the characters and a wide array of mini-stories following an simple premise: it's not just a game, it's reality. I'm afraid I can't share any details about the plot and storylines being followed other than what the comic reveals and hints at (here's a clue: the two slogans on the top-left side of the page are big and obvious giveaways!). Touché to anyone who can figure it out.

Akira and Ronin will meet other people and creatures along their adventures and misadventures; some will help them while others... well, you'll see. I'm sorry to say that you can't expect the comic to begin before this summer. There's just too much to do still and, keep in mind, I am honestly doing this in my spare time, around a multitude of other things. Don't think that this comic won't happen. It will. I really really want to do this. Getting started is probably the hardest part of this whole process. The story and characters come easily and I do have a good idea of where everything will be going. I'm very habit-prone. Once I get into a pattern of creating these comics, it will be integrated into my day. I won't feel fulfilled if I don't draw at least one frame or a composite or write more of the script.

I know that none of you want to wait and because of that, many of you will forget about this comic site and not bother to check back. Please do; I know this will be up soon enough. I'm only asking that you wait. Buuut, I do want all of you to come back! So, I have set up a notice list that you can sign up on below. All you need to do is type your e-mail address in the box and click "GO" and you'll be notified when there is evidence that I actually got up off my lazy, procrastinating butt and made the first comic.

[edit] um, no there isn't.. if you wanna know when the comic's started, check out the NGC forums where I'll wind up making a big honkin' announcement about it ^^ (nov 9)

Player1 - copyright © 2002 Kelly Phillips. All rights reserved.
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Claire is: Claire Folkman [Hong Kong Kung Fu Klean Up Team]
Anya the James is: Jennie Michalak [Quilted Quicker Filler-Upper]
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